Saturday, April 12, 2008

What are we striving for: avoiding FAILURE or achieving SUCCESS

There were two competitors A and B, equally skilled, trained, and equally good in every aspect, yet A used to win always and B lost! Curious to know why?

It wasn't an extra effort,or skill of A that made him victorious, but that it was what he yearned for made all the difference. He wanted to be successful, not to wishing to defeat B or avoid failure, but one and only one goal, to be successful!

What I want to bring forward is that during examination time or during preparation week the one thing that almost everyone says, let me study or else I will fail. Nobody says I am studying to be successful, or to gain knowledge. Somewhere down the line we have probably lost the essence of learning.
Learning is the raising of character by broadening of vision and deepening of feeling!
I cant don't blame the students alone for this, the current education system, assessment techniques have over the years groomed us into such beings who are willing to do everything to avoid failure but not strive or even think of being successful. Also we have placed a blind fold over our eyes that doesn't allow us to see beyond this, and we believe that avoiding failure equivalent to being successful...
to a certain extent the society is also responsible for this dilemma as it does not take failure as stepping stone for success.
Probably, in my view success is what you achieve when you give in your 100%, enjoy what you are doing and do even the smallest thing with utmost dedication, and not care for the result and whats seems a success to me may be a big failure in the eyes of this Hippocratic society.
So, my friend give in you 100% and enjoy the taste of success!!!!!

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pratim said...

thanx buddy for these encouraging words at a time when i really needed them.
this article reminds me one of the sayings of my old English teacher-"Do your best,Leave the rest(to God)".
i think u'll agree with it too.