Friday, September 19, 2008

Let the Truth Prevail....

Last week I wrote a blog ‘Butterfly Effect’ because I was disturbed by the malicious report about a small student clash that had been blown out of proportion. Somehow I digested that foul smelling piece of crap.

I thought that worst was over, but it wasn’t to be. One of my dear friend went missing after he failed to clear exams and sadly enough his name was struck of the academic roles. An FIR was lodged in connection with the incident, and we looked forward for cooperation for
‘Media’ to help us trace him. But instead of looking into our agony and concern, once again the torch bearers of so call ‘freedom of press’, preferred to rub salt on our wounds. I can’t even imagine the extent to which the report in the so called world largest daily was flawed:-

1. The branch of the student concerned given wrong.

2. The year in which he was currently studying incorrect.

3. The so called marks obtained by him in last two exams were totally cooked up. The thing that surprised me the most was that even when the student himself never got to know the precise marks obtained by him, how an outsider can get to know such intricate details. This was even more amazing when one realizes that grading system is followed and precise marks of even the successful students are not known.

These moguls of the blooming media industry have probably been blinded by the glitter of the power and influence they command that they even fail to see that without being factually correct, they can never gain trust of common man, they have become emotionless to feel the pain and agony of the common man.

The most distressing part of the report was that even in this hour, they didn’t fail to dig the dead from graveyards. The most insulting part of the article was the presentation in which they reported saying that ‘recently the students have been involved in a series of violent clashes ‘ referring to the small tussle that had already been resolved and digging a three year old incident that had nothing to do with the current students as the involved people have already graduated.

Its really agonizing to see that just for the sake of increasing their TRP’s these people who have the social responsibility to keep the society informed and aware, are stooping to such low levels. Can’t these heartless people think of the sufferings of the family of the person missing that they further damage the name of the student, and the institute.

It’s now high time that media should be charged of bringing bad name and disrepute if it indulges in such misinformation. Like many of the nations where freedom of press is respected but at same time these media persons are reprimanded for their uncivilized deeds, we need to have a similar mechanism. If such malicious and irresponsible reporting is to continue, it’s not long enough when people will loose their faith in the
‘Fourth-Pillar’ of democracy.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Butterfly Effect

"The flapping of wings of a butterfly in one part of the world can cause a tornado in other!"

Now if you that thought this is impossible thing..... please think again. For this can be made possible by our ever hard working and overzealous media. These torch bearers of the Freedom of Press have simply forgotten the one fundamental fact..'Freedom bestows responsibilities.'

Not long ago, one of the most unfortunate incidents came to light that shook the very foundation of Indian family culture, the Arushi Murder Case, in which even before the judicial system could look into the case, 'free press' carried out a public trial and held an innocent man guilty.

Even more interesting was the recent CERN's Experiment, the sub-atomic particle smasher, where some 24x7 news channels went on the extent to predict the end of the world. For many people this was funny, but for many others it wasn't. After watching this piece of 'crap' news channel, one child committed suicide.

Now one thing that hurt me the most was the way a small quarrel among a group of students from a prestigious institutes was blown out of proportion, even of the leading daily devoting almost 1/8th of the page and with damning headline. These people don't realize that for their small gains they can jeopardize the entire career of students. Apart from bringing a bad name to the institute, their irresponsible, incomplete and spiced up article only added fuel to fire. I fully acknowledge that they wouldn't have known this ever had someone among the students had not passed on the information, but isn't it their responsibility to at least give the administration's stand.

Probably its high time that these people do some intro-inspection and realize freedom alone is doing more harm than good (at least at times). Infringing upon privacy of people can be shoot up their TRP but what about the pain, agony and emotional damage they cause??

Thursday, September 4, 2008

SAVE!!SAVE!! My Friends Think They are in LOVE!!!!!

(This blog is dedicated to two of my best friends who think they are in love?? And the most amazing part is that both think that they see no future)

‘I think I am in love’ read the Gtalk quotation of my friend in German. ( I actually had to decode that using German to dictionary.) At first I thought it’s another one of his mood swings since we have been pestering him about his crush for quite some time. (He actually wrote a blog on the same.) Then I realized that things were far too serious. Finally I managed to get the name of the gal but now another peculiar problem. He sees no future in the relationship so won’t tell her and also extracted a promise from me not to tell anyone. So far it was fine, though the reasons he gave me for not seeing any future were ultimately ‘chutiyaap’. Now I got to know that he had told at least 5 more people but not the gal.(though he claims that they tricked him into telling her name). I was wondering that if he can tell others then why not the gal??

Moving on to my next friend, his case is even stranger. He too thinks he is love but won’t tell the gal. His reason, his first love is ‘chicken’ and he can’t let someone take over his first love. (Frankly speaking, he eats the chicken with bones and beak, so I don’t hi word .) But can anyone explain him or even me that can this gal ever part him from chicken though she might be a vegetarian or a non vegetarian.

After reading this blog I sincerely request you to advice me or my friends that love isn’t something that you can escape with. And do write comments so that I can help them out.