Saturday, March 29, 2008

On the eve of Valentines Day......

On the eve of Valentine’s Day As I sit all alone in my hostel room (my room mate has gone home), I feel how lonely the world has turned into. LOVE, one of the most important of spirit of life, the foundation of mankind, the source of joy for all is lost somewhere. I read somewhere: Loving someone is not about finding the person who can complete you but it’s about finding someone with whom you can share you in completeness. How true these words are! We are born single and one day all of us will leave this materialistic world all alone, empty hands. Take a moment to ponder over this fact and then answer: Why do we then seek a relationship or look forward in anticipation at somebody? Philosophically speaking, MAN is a social animal and so need friends, but the real answer lies within us. As I write this page the clock quietly ticks past 12, and it’s the Valentines Day, the day of love, joy, celebration. Everybody is ready to celebrate but do we real understand this day? How many of can recall the teachings of the great Saint after whom this day is named. But still it’s the time to enjoy…. HAPPY VALENTINES’S DAY FRIENDS!!

what is love...

Love is a feeling of happiness, sharing the spirit of joy between two mutually compatible beings, who may or may not differ in their orientations towards the essence of life. Its an essential spirit of life that rejuvenates us, enthralls us and fills us with unmeasurable happiness, taking us for a joy ride beyond the realms of this materialistic world and for a moment in this sheer delight we become all but one.

Love is the most basic yet the basis of all emotions of life. GOD created this world with a view to promote this spirit of celebration but we the mortals of this treacherous world have this sweetest of sweet feeling of life with envy and enmity.For us, love is no more than another consumer durable up for sale in market.

Probably, we are the best people to answer this simple question, 'What is Love'

Dedicated to her.....

"SHE comes like a ghost and goes like a wind

In the mean time SHE can pick you up like a pin"

These are the very words that best describe the fairer sex. I don't know what they are made up but one thing which i have learnt for sure that they are impossible. No one will probably ever be able to understand them unless GOD creates new species( which i seriously doubt). Somethings that i learnt the harder way ( and don't wish that others face the same fate) is never argue, for u can never defeat them, and u need to be a patient listener (they rarely give u a chance to speak). Also, make sure that u don't utter a word more than asked for else u are sure to hurt these oversensitive creatures.

dear friends i don't want u to read this article as a boy against girl debate, but this is what i have felt. so feel free to comment and share your views and experiences.