Saturday, March 29, 2008

what is love...

Love is a feeling of happiness, sharing the spirit of joy between two mutually compatible beings, who may or may not differ in their orientations towards the essence of life. Its an essential spirit of life that rejuvenates us, enthralls us and fills us with unmeasurable happiness, taking us for a joy ride beyond the realms of this materialistic world and for a moment in this sheer delight we become all but one.

Love is the most basic yet the basis of all emotions of life. GOD created this world with a view to promote this spirit of celebration but we the mortals of this treacherous world have this sweetest of sweet feeling of life with envy and enmity.For us, love is no more than another consumer durable up for sale in market.

Probably, we are the best people to answer this simple question, 'What is Love'

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Devdeep said...

You say that
"For us, love is no more than another consumer durable up for sale in market."
Very noble thought. However I think that this line is more appropriate for crushes and similar temporary attractions. Love, i think happens less frequently, probably once only after you know the other person by heart and to the core and same goes for the other person. It is more dependent on compatiability and the inner qualities of both the players. What do you say?