Saturday, April 12, 2008

What are we striving for: avoiding FAILURE or achieving SUCCESS

There were two competitors A and B, equally skilled, trained, and equally good in every aspect, yet A used to win always and B lost! Curious to know why?

It wasn't an extra effort,or skill of A that made him victorious, but that it was what he yearned for made all the difference. He wanted to be successful, not to wishing to defeat B or avoid failure, but one and only one goal, to be successful!

What I want to bring forward is that during examination time or during preparation week the one thing that almost everyone says, let me study or else I will fail. Nobody says I am studying to be successful, or to gain knowledge. Somewhere down the line we have probably lost the essence of learning.
Learning is the raising of character by broadening of vision and deepening of feeling!
I cant don't blame the students alone for this, the current education system, assessment techniques have over the years groomed us into such beings who are willing to do everything to avoid failure but not strive or even think of being successful. Also we have placed a blind fold over our eyes that doesn't allow us to see beyond this, and we believe that avoiding failure equivalent to being successful...
to a certain extent the society is also responsible for this dilemma as it does not take failure as stepping stone for success.
Probably, in my view success is what you achieve when you give in your 100%, enjoy what you are doing and do even the smallest thing with utmost dedication, and not care for the result and whats seems a success to me may be a big failure in the eyes of this Hippocratic society.
So, my friend give in you 100% and enjoy the taste of success!!!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Great Circus: excursion, exertion or a picnic

Over a period of time, students in an institute realize that they have not been out for a picnic for a long time. Now, the problem was how to convince the faculty. But GOD willing, the problem was solved and the professors gave this picnic an official name the EXCURSION (after all they also need an alibi to convince their higher ups for a day out). To give the whole drama some formal touch some instructions were issued such as what to wear, when to report and where to officially go.

So on a planned day, they all set out for an adventurous journey at the break of dawn. On the way to the picnic spot they get caught in a big traffic jam and reach the venue (for one moment consider it the industrial site) two hours late. If you thought that was sure to upset the industrial instructor, just forget it… for the first shock was to come just now... The instructor didn't even know the discipline of the students visiting them and considered them to be of the same mould for which this institute was acclaimed world wide. (It's not difficult to guess whose fault it was the institute or the instructor or the students themselves who should have thought about this fact before joining such an institute).

So finally these poor chaps had to sit through a lengthy presentation that had almost nothing for them. But if you look at it from the optimistic point of view it wasn't that bad. What else would one ask for after a six hour bus journey- a good place to sleep, and there you had it handful. Air conditioned hall, lay-back chairs and some body singing a lullaby for you (no disrespect meant to the instructor), what else would you need to sleep.

So after a nap of over an hour it was time to eat. So these poor chaps set out for their search for food in a world unknown. Finally after having stuffed their stomachs up to the brim, again it was time for some formalities... a visit to an industrial plant that wasn't ever going to be of any use for them. A better way of putting it, in the very words of the instructor is 'there is nothing of interest for you; it's just a PR visit'. So keeping up with their commitments, visit the industrial complex, with hardly anyone disembarking the bus…

So after all such official commitments were over was it time to rejoice? Just think all over it once, getting up at midnight, a bus ride of over six hours from the break of dawn, sitting through a dull lecture and then paying a PR visit… was it not enough to beat the spirits out of even the most merry making! The case here was no different, tired and exhausted these poor chaps had a day full of hectic activities. So they plan to take a ride back.

If you think that was all, just wait a minute, on their way back they need to take a break and that was the picnic time. From enjoying the food of the road side dhaba to drinking alcoholic beverages always was to happen and it happened. A real picnic in short.

So friends enjoy the college life !!!!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

COMITTING MISTAKES: a rare privilege

My father always says 'Only those who do something or work have the privilege to make mistakes'. In this world there are two kind of people one who work and others who don't. Those who work are not afraid to make mistakes and once they learn from their mistakes they are on their way to success. Those who believe in sitting can never taste the pleasure of enjoying success because they are too afraid to commit mistakes. Shakespeare once said those who remain silent during a conversation pretending they are the wisest are usually the people who know nothing. It's true that silence is a virtue, but not always.
Also we need to remember one thing: Never to repeat a mistake. Repeating a mistake is a sin which one cannot dare to commit, so always make new mistakes, because it gives you a whole new experience.
This is my most humble request to all those sitting in their couches, and lying low to get up and be the part of this privileged group . So next time someone laughs at you for making a mistake, then no need to be disappointed. Just remember one thing: You are a privileged lot, which he is not!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

RELATIOSHIPS: Living it or Carrying it

Not long ago, I bought a fine piece of porcelain flower-vase. The porcelain was one of the finest quality, unparalleled in design and covered with exotic work. I loved it so much that I kept it on my study table so that it was always within my site. One day one of younger cousin visits me and drops the vase from the table. It came to me as a real shock! But God’s grace it wasn’t totally broken, just a small chip of it comes out from near the mouth of the vase. I mange it stick it with a fevikwik and keep it on the table I such a way that its repaired side faces the wall, away from the eyes of the world with just me knowing the truth. One fine morning I notice that a crack has developed throughout the length of the vase. I felt heart broken! My mother asks me to throw away my most cherished possession as it is a bad omen to keep broken or cracked glass in house. I am in a fix!! What should I do?......

Dear friends this is not just another piece of story. It has much more to offer if you are able to read between the lines!

For those who are still in a fix, just think of the precious flower vase as relationship between two people. Or better out it up as you share a very good relationship with someone. It is one of yours most cherished possession. But one day you begin to feel that the things are actually not the way you thought them to be. The relationship is strained due to some unavoidable reasons and things are not the same as earlier. You somehow mange to patch up the things, so that the world does not know about it and continue to live with it. But not before long you realize that there is a complete break down and you cannot carry the burden any further but you don’t want to give it up.

You are in a dilemma! You don’t know how to cope up with such a situation. Then what should one do? Probably, it’s the most appropriate time to draw the line. Living in a situation that is suffocating you is not one of the wisest thing in the world, but giving it up is not easy either. It’s hard but life can’t wait, it has to move on.

The choice is yours: either to cry your heart out for a day or two or keep sobbing through out your life!!