Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Great Circus: excursion, exertion or a picnic

Over a period of time, students in an institute realize that they have not been out for a picnic for a long time. Now, the problem was how to convince the faculty. But GOD willing, the problem was solved and the professors gave this picnic an official name the EXCURSION (after all they also need an alibi to convince their higher ups for a day out). To give the whole drama some formal touch some instructions were issued such as what to wear, when to report and where to officially go.

So on a planned day, they all set out for an adventurous journey at the break of dawn. On the way to the picnic spot they get caught in a big traffic jam and reach the venue (for one moment consider it the industrial site) two hours late. If you thought that was sure to upset the industrial instructor, just forget it… for the first shock was to come just now... The instructor didn't even know the discipline of the students visiting them and considered them to be of the same mould for which this institute was acclaimed world wide. (It's not difficult to guess whose fault it was the institute or the instructor or the students themselves who should have thought about this fact before joining such an institute).

So finally these poor chaps had to sit through a lengthy presentation that had almost nothing for them. But if you look at it from the optimistic point of view it wasn't that bad. What else would one ask for after a six hour bus journey- a good place to sleep, and there you had it handful. Air conditioned hall, lay-back chairs and some body singing a lullaby for you (no disrespect meant to the instructor), what else would you need to sleep.

So after a nap of over an hour it was time to eat. So these poor chaps set out for their search for food in a world unknown. Finally after having stuffed their stomachs up to the brim, again it was time for some formalities... a visit to an industrial plant that wasn't ever going to be of any use for them. A better way of putting it, in the very words of the instructor is 'there is nothing of interest for you; it's just a PR visit'. So keeping up with their commitments, visit the industrial complex, with hardly anyone disembarking the bus…

So after all such official commitments were over was it time to rejoice? Just think all over it once, getting up at midnight, a bus ride of over six hours from the break of dawn, sitting through a dull lecture and then paying a PR visit… was it not enough to beat the spirits out of even the most merry making! The case here was no different, tired and exhausted these poor chaps had a day full of hectic activities. So they plan to take a ride back.

If you think that was all, just wait a minute, on their way back they need to take a break and that was the picnic time. From enjoying the food of the road side dhaba to drinking alcoholic beverages always was to happen and it happened. A real picnic in short.

So friends enjoy the college life !!!!!!


dinker said...

marvelous effort..........

dinker said...

your yhought really impress me
your idea about life is good

pratim said...

it is difficult for me to chose a name for it- excursion ,exertion or a picnic!!!
bt one thing is sure- for the first time I got to see what reputation our college has regarding its name!!!!

and yes jst one positive outcome for me-I tried the dhaba food for the first time in my life!!
and believe me it was as marvelous as this article on our JOYRIDE.