Friday, December 12, 2008

DC++ and Social Life of ISMU

Probably one of the biggest change that I observed in the ISMU is the advent of inter-hostel LAN connectivity, DC++. Now the entire campus is easily accessible to you right on your desktop. No need to roam from wing to wing or hostel to hostel searching for latest movies, songs or other documents, play CS and AOE all the night. DC has definitely placed infinite resources at our disposal.

But there is another side of the picture too. Under this glitter of gold in the form of so called DC we have lost the social connectivity. Can you recall when was the last time when you all came out as a group from your rooms late at the night (birthday bumps not included) just for BC. Isn’t it not true we stayed glued to our desktops and laptops watching more and more movies than spending time with friends?

I just recall my life in the Opal hostel, where every night there used to be a big BC, people used to sit in balcony and evenings were spent in the badminton court chatting and asking about each other. But somehow all this is now lost! At least earlier we used to go to each other’s room asking for movies that provided some form of social contact but now all this is lost and probably lost forever!!!!

Probably DC is one of those necessary evils that has connected us from outside but at the same time deprived us of the social connectivity!!


Devdeep said...

You have raised valid points regarding the lack of social life at ISM. However not all blame of it can be attributed to DC++. The hype that once existed for DC++ has surely gone down and the busy schedule of 3rd years has definitely decreased the frequency of CS and AOE matches. Your observation of lack o social connectivity can also be attributed to variety of business we engage ourselves in. Also the increasing rifts within the student community may also be a cause of these observations.
So, the point i am trying to make is that "Blame it on poor, faithful DC++", may not be such a great idea. Believe me, all my friends were there on my birthday (and surely yours) and the memory still hurts!!! :)

smart primate said...

I don't think DC can be blamed for a lack of social connectivity. Its the individual's choice how much time he/she spends in front of the computer. I remember those days in Opal too, when every evening there was always some form of bhasad.
But, priorities have changed since, and as Devdeep points out some rifts might have developed between people. While DC gives people the resources to spend (in some cases waste) their time, in my opnion, it comes down to the individual how social he/she wants to be.

Vijit said...

dear DD and Sid
i agree that DC is not to be squarely blamed for the loss of social life, but at the same time it cannot be denied that due to DC people are glued to their laptops more often than not...
all i am saying is that DC has been the major cause of this lack of social life. as far as rift among student community is concerned certainly that is a factor but you lose friend at one end and make new ones at the other.
if you are saying about birthday bashes and friends being present is a proof of social life then i m sorry to say its person specific and it is more or less confined to a wing. its rare that entire hostel gathers to celebrate it...
all i feel is that social life in ism is definitely dying a slow but sure death.

Apurv said...
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Apurv said...

Dear Vijit!
As 2 comments on top says I am also not agree that DC is solely responsible for lack of social life at ISM. You cam hardly find 200-250 students of ISM (out of approx 2300) online on DC. N a major part of them are online because they have put DC in their start up, or some may be waiting their files to be downloaded, specially guys from the wings that are enabled with ultra fast speed of wi-fi [I myself am a victim :( ]. So just a hundred persons don't make the society in such a big institute like ours.
Apart from this as I think DC is serving as to increase our social relations.Any message can be propagated with a very good rate in ISM (even rumors) by just announcing it on DC. I don't see any other medium of communication there. G-talk tries somewhat but it is also useless in daytime and even after 6 often it looses its reliability specially in the wings that are enabled with the Latest Technologies ;)

vijit said...

dear apurv
i never said that DC is solely responsible,but as a major cause, which cannot be denied.
as far as only 250-300 ppl being online on DC, its absolutely correct but the others are not online because they have already dwnld the stuff they wanted.
undoubtedly, DC is the best source of communication among students and use of latest technology must be encouraged.
as i said in my blog, CD is a necessary evil, you can get away from it.
Even better way of saying it is DC is a good servant but a bad master....
so its upto the user to decide what he wants to be

Anonymous said...

for me being able to eatch so many movies is my single biggest achievement (and probably the only achievement) in college and that was due to DC++. and even if that has cost me social connectivity, i don't miss wasting time sitting in the balcony, talking about sex or pulling somebody's legs or talking similar trash... movies and porn are much better, believe me.