Thursday, September 4, 2008

SAVE!!SAVE!! My Friends Think They are in LOVE!!!!!

(This blog is dedicated to two of my best friends who think they are in love?? And the most amazing part is that both think that they see no future)

‘I think I am in love’ read the Gtalk quotation of my friend in German. ( I actually had to decode that using German to dictionary.) At first I thought it’s another one of his mood swings since we have been pestering him about his crush for quite some time. (He actually wrote a blog on the same.) Then I realized that things were far too serious. Finally I managed to get the name of the gal but now another peculiar problem. He sees no future in the relationship so won’t tell her and also extracted a promise from me not to tell anyone. So far it was fine, though the reasons he gave me for not seeing any future were ultimately ‘chutiyaap’. Now I got to know that he had told at least 5 more people but not the gal.(though he claims that they tricked him into telling her name). I was wondering that if he can tell others then why not the gal??

Moving on to my next friend, his case is even stranger. He too thinks he is love but won’t tell the gal. His reason, his first love is ‘chicken’ and he can’t let someone take over his first love. (Frankly speaking, he eats the chicken with bones and beak, so I don’t hi word .) But can anyone explain him or even me that can this gal ever part him from chicken though she might be a vegetarian or a non vegetarian.

After reading this blog I sincerely request you to advice me or my friends that love isn’t something that you can escape with. And do write comments so that I can help them out.


Devdeep said...

I don't think u understood me properly. The girl in question taught me many things. So i like her. But i am not interested at all in pursuing anything seriously because there will be a better time to do so... and so my love remains "chicken".

smart primate said...


about the rest of it i dont know why i have not told her...but i have not...maybe i am just plain just forget about it...

dinker said...

hi love remai omnipresnt alway